Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nail Polish Haul - Blue, Green, Purple, Pink & Red

    Here's part 2 of the massive nail polish haul. Click HERE to see part one. Enjoy!


Wet n Wild - Blue Wants to be a Millionaire? 
    This is the brother to Hannah Pinktana, which you can see here. This is also in the Fast Dry line. This is chock full of holographic sparkles, just like the pink. Very pretty!

Sinful Colors - Ciao Bella!
    This is a polish I previously blogged about before. I will link the post at the bottom of this one. This is a pretty blue with a sparkle to it. It does apply a little sheer, and a bit streaky (being a shimmer/ frost type polish), but by three coats you're good.

Sinful Colors - Hot Spot
    This looks a lot like Ciao Bella!, but Hot Spot seems a bit more of a cream polish. I would describe it as a slight shimmer. There is a little glitter and sparkle to it. I think this will be good for winter, but that's just my opinion ;)


Sinful Colors - Envy
    This is a murky, dusty sort of money green. I hear this is a dupe for OPI's Jade Is The New Black. You can judge for yourself HERE.

Sinful Colors - Last Chance
    Last Chance is a very deep forest green cream. This seems Christmasy to me. I'd pair this with a red accent nail on each hand, for the holidays.

Wet n Wild - Caribbean Frost
    I was drawn to this color right away. I have a thing for frosty, and sparkly, nail polishes. This is such a cool blue/green shade. This is a 2-3 coater.


Sinful Colors - Daddy's Girl
    I've actually had this polish for quite a while, I just never got around to showing it on here. I love this grapey purple. It has some silver flecks in it, but it applies very sheer. You need a lot of coats for this to become opaque. I have tried this layered over another purple, and it looked awesome.

Sinful Colors - Winterberry
    This is a NEW Sinful Colors polish. 1 of 2, actually. This is such a pretty dusty grey/purple. Definatly a great winter color. 

Wet n Wild - Eggplant Frost
    I picked this up with the Caribbean Frost. They just seemed to go together I suppose, haha. I'm actually pretty positive I've had this EXACT polish a LONG time ago (we're talking middle school). It's a good one though, I enjoy it. 


Sinful Colors - Dancing Nails
    This is also one I have blogged about before. Dancing Nails is a metallic pink. This can be one coat nail polish if you use a thick coat.


Sinful Colors - Sugar Sugar
    This is a previously mentioned polish also. It's such a pretty ruby kind of red, with some silver fleck to it. This is probably the one I'd use, along with Last Chance, as a holiday mani. 

Sinful Colors - Georgio
    This is the DEEPEST red I've ever seen! It's almost black, as you can see. I kind of like that though. It's quirky, like me. Also, my hubby's nickname is George, so how can I not get one called Georgio? lol
ignore the dust, haha

Wet n Wild - Burgundy Frost
    Are you noticing a theme with my WnW polishes on this post? lol  I told ya, I like those frosty ones!


Forever 21 - Taupe
    This is a soft taupe cream. It has a little surprise of a subtle shimmer to it. Very nice, applies easily. 2-3 coats to opaque. The picture is showing darker than this polish actually is.

Sinful Colors - Nirvana
    I've mentioned this polish in a couple of posts. I've said before that this is a dupe to OPI's You Don't Know Jacques! You can see for yourself in the photo. 

That concludes the "long haul" =) I will apologize again that I am not the best photographer, nor did I have the optimal lighting. I did the best I could. What are your fave nail polishes?

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